Tigo Tanzania Tigo Tanzania Job Vacancy. 2022 Job Vacancy. 2022 


Tigo Tanzania Job Vacancy. 2022

Tigo Tanzania is the new leading telecommunications company in the country, with full digital signage. Offering a variety of voice, SMS, high-speed internet, and mobile phones. 

Tigo has introduced innovations such as Facebook in Kiswahili, Tigo Pesa, iOS users, and Tigo Music (Deezer). And also the first crossroads in East Africa border currency and foreign exchange. Tigo 3G Network ensures excellent customer service in all parts of the country.

In 2015, Tigo launched the 4G LTE network in Dar es Salaam for the first time. However, Tigo selected more regions and plans to be nationwide in 2017.

The company has announced more than 500 websites to bring the total address to 2000 locations.

Tigo Tanzania plans to double its investment in 2017. The expansion concerns the field of insurance and adds more internet capabilities to the comprehensive expansion of rural communities.

With over 10 million customers, Tigo employs more than 300,000 Tanzanians directly and indirectly. Also includes a wide network of service representatives, mobile money buyers, retailers, and distributors. Tigo started operating in Tanzania in 1994.

Tigo has announced a job vacancy and invited qualified candidates to fill that position.

To apply for the job vacancy at Tigo and for more details open the following link: Careers | Tigo Tanzania


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