Accountant (Logistics Background) Job at Blue Recruits Limited, 2023


Blue Recruits Limited, a team of HRs and Recruiters in love with their job! We’ve been helping companies find perfect talents and talents find their perfect companies for more than 4 years so far. With hard work, dedication and commitment, we have managed to gain the trust of over 90 companies and helped over 400 Tanzanians find work .Accountant (Logistics Background) Job at Blue Recruits Limited, 2023

He left his corporate job and started the company with his wife Gina as a co-founder. Gina comes from 12 years in the technology industry with experience in customer success, project management and product development.

Rich is an experienced staffing executive. He left the Army and started recruiting Veterans for post-service careers. His clients frequently asked him if he knew how to find skilled tradespeople and then it dawned on him. . . It was time for a better way to source blue-collar talent.Our CEO Rich’s father-in-law is an auto body painter. When he needed to hire an auto body painter he went on a job board and created a posting. He got a bunch of applications and resumes from people who were experienced HOUSE painters. He was confused about what he had done wrong so he contacted Rich, and that’s where the idea for BlueRecruit began.BlueRecruit is the only job platform built for the skilled trades that matches you to employers automatically. Skip the resume and create your profile in just 5 minutes.

Accountant (Logistics Background) Job at Blue Recruits Limited, 2023

Download here PDF File for this Job Here February 2023.


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