Driver/Field Assistant Job Openings at IITA,2023


Background: CIP is a not-for-profit international agricultural research organization with a global mandate to conduct research on genetic resources of potatoes, sweetpotatoes, and other Andean roots and tubers, crop genetic enhancement and improvement, integrated crop management and sustainable management of natural resources.Driver/Field Assistant Job Openings at IITA,2023

Job Summary: To drive project staff and maintain office vehicles in proper condition. This work is undertaken as part of the Sweetpotato Component of the Program for Seed System Innovations for Vegetatively Propagated Crops in Africa (PROSSIVA) implemented by the International Potato Center (CIP) and TARI. The Program for Seed System Innovation of Vegetatively propagated crops (VPCs) in Africa (PROSSIVA) will develop and validate packages of innovations to strengthen functional VPC seed systems and will work with partners to catalyze their scaling in five target countries of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

The Sweetpotato Component aims to improve the crop’s seed system through technological, marketing, and institutional innovations that deliver affordable quality seed of market-preferred varieties to actors in Tanzania in a timely manner. The Sweetpotato Component will be implemented at the Lake Zone of Tanzania. The Driver will be based in Mwanza. This position will report to PROSSIVA’s Principal Investigator for the Sweetpotato Component.

Driver/Field Assistant Job Openings at IITA,2023

Here you will read job details on this PDF FILE attached here below so as you can manage to understand what does the company wants more and what requirement is needed.


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