Five Poisonous Snakes in the World February 2022

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There are many different kinds of snakes in the world. There are snakes that are very venomous. There are snakes that are not poisonous at all. Today we will look at the five most venomous snakes in the world at the moment. These snakes are also found in many forests of Africa and America where they are the most venomous snakes found there but it is very rare to meet them due to their small presence but they are also harmful. The following are the five most dangerous snakes in the world for being the most venomous


Lance’s snakes are found in diverse habitats in Tropical America Forest and Tropical Asia. It has a triangular structure in his head about 2 to 3 meters in his length with grey and brown colour also some have lighter colour.


It is a dangerous snake that found in this world to human they grow about 2.1 meters in length found in Area of Savanna thtoughout Sub saharan. It’s body and eye colour are visible. THEY live in bush area waiting for birds and chameleons in order to take food.

3.Eastern Tiger Snake

This are snakes that they found in arid and rock regions in South Australia. They eat frogs, birds, and mammals and it’s length varies to 2.1 meters they cause failing of blood clotting to human that why they are very harmful

4. Russell’s Viper

This are snakes with triangular and flattered neck . They have colour of Gold and yellow they are mostly found in India, Sri lanka, and Pakistan. They are terrestrial and they are living also in areas with cold climate also they mating once per year.

5.Saw Scaled Viper

This are the snakes that they found in middle East, Sri lanka, India and In Africa. They have triangular head broader and it’s neck is wider also they live in open bush they are very quick in bite and after biting they jump faster and escape from that situation and it’s colour is Gold.

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