Internship opportunities at PanAfrican Energy Tanzania March 2023


PanAfrican Energy Tanzania (PAET) is a leading integrated energy company in Tanzania, operating from upstream to downstream in developing and supplying natural gas to the power, industrial and transportation sectors.The internship opportunity will give you a first class insight to the industry and allow you to truly consider the sort of career for you. It is a chance to work with smart and motivated PAET staff, apply practically the theoretical experience you have gained, and access brilliant young Tanzanian mentors fully embedded in the industry.Internship opportunities at PanAfrican Energy Tanzania March 2023

A wholly owned subsidiary of Orca Energy Group Inc, PAET has been in the Tanzanian market since 2001, where it has been operating the SongoSongo natural gas field. PAET is committed to the development and efficient use of Tanzania’s natural gas resources and working with key players to help alleviate Tanzania’s energy shortages and to partner in the development of the country’s energy resources.

Through our highly competent local (99% Tanzanian) dedicated team we have the internal resources to provide meaningful opportunities for progression and on-the-job training to interested graduate students in our internship programme. The majority of our most senior staff members all started at entry-level positions in the Company and have, through a combination of personal drive, internal support and investments in their training and development, progressed to become highly capable staff who are the heart and soul of the Company.

Internship opportunities at PanAfrican Energy Tanzania March 2023

Here Below is the PDF Document contains jobs descriptions and ways on how to apply for these opportunities advertised here daily so you have to read the PDF very well so as you can understand it better


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