Internships 3 positions at Rikolto March 2023


In 2021, the Government of Flanders launched the G-STIC Climate Action Programme to support developing countries in the fight against climate change. By providing financial support to projects for climate change adaptation and mitigation, the G-STIC Climate Action Programme aims to strengthen developing countries’ implementation of climate policies, strategies, regulations and action plans.Internships 3 positions at Rikolto March 2023

Under G-STIC CAP, Rikolto in collaboration with Simusolar is implementing a three-year project (01/02/2023 to 31/01/2026) titled Water for Resilient Communities and Food Systems in Northern and Southern Highlands, Tanzania. This project employs a systemic approach to mitigate negative impact of climate change on water availability for farming communities in Northern and Southern Highlands of Tanzania. Training sessions, demonstration of solar-powered irrigation technologies and low-tech methods for water saving and retention are combined to promote sustainable water management in an accessible way for smallholder farmers.

The project will be piloted in Meru district in Arusha region and Rungwe district in Mbeya region before being rolled out in the larger area of Northern and Southern Highlands. Rikolto is looking for two interns to support program activities in respectively Arusha and Mbeya.

Internships 3 positions at Rikolto March 2023

Here Below is the PDF Document contains jobs descriptions and ways on how to apply for these opportunities advertised here daily so you have to read the PDF very well so as you can understand it better


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