Job Opportunities at Dodoma Municipal Council


Many years ago this town called Dodoma was known as Chalangu. These migrants had different characteristics Mangalak and Bambaliaki lived in the bushes and were hunters of meat and honey. The shepherds were farmers and shepherds. These people were cowards themselves, when some people started moving away from the northern hemisphere, these people moved to another place in Dodoma.

The reason for calling the migrants the trunks is related to the lunar merchants, who passed merchandise from the beach to trade, when they arrived between Itigi and Manyoni they saw that a large tree had fallen and obstructed the road, so for a long time. hour. They had to sleep on one side before crossing over to the other. From the trunk of a tree. This prompted them to question each other before continuing on their journey, saying that they were sleeping on tree trunks. These migrants were known as records of that record.

Job Opportunities at Dodoma Municipal Council

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