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WASSHA Inc Tanzania is a Japanese company incorporated in 2013 to deliver electrical power to people in off-grid areas. We use the “Mobile Money” technology in Africa to sell electricity to the electrified areas. 3 Various Jobs at WASSHA Inc Tanzania

The company aims to improve the lives of people in Africa by enabling a lifestyle with access to reliable electricity and power and other information and services. WASSHA believes that through its services it can unlock humankind’s potential and create other advancements in the medical, educational, industrial, and agricultural fields.

WASSHA is committed to supporting internationally recognized human rights activities and initiatives. We believe that long term business success can only be achieved if human rights are protected. Our Human Rights Policy statement sets out the fundamental principles to ensure we do not engage in activities that directly or indirectly violate human rights.

To realize the view of the world aimed for, we need to solve social issues still left in the world. Through business we solve bigger issues faster than anyone else, As business we make a big profit, As a team? A organization? We grow together and face to solve bigger issues.


The company is looking to hire individuals to fill a new vacant position. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT BLOW:


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