Mwanza City New Job Vacancies TANZANIA,2023 MSOMIDAILY


Mwanza city  Council was established in 2000 and became among the eight councils of Mwanza Region. Besides being a headquarters of the City council, it is also the headquarters of Mwanza region, a major Tanzanian port of Lake Victoria and a business centre of a Great Lake Region and East Africa Community. Mwanza City New Job Vacancies TANZANIA,2023 MSOMIDAILY

Vision:  The development of Mwanza City should be people centered with the main objective of engendering wealth and sharing it equitably within the society. To achieve this, the City has to ensure that there is good governance and the rule of law to create equal opportunities for all residents to achieve their maximum potential. 

Mission:  Mwanza City Council intends to build capacity for its residents through provision of services that meet requirements of females and males and children by using the available resources and taking into account environmental issues and promoting good governance through community participation. According to the 2002 and 2012 Population Censuses reports, the population of Mwanza City increased from 241,923 (119,617 male and 122,305 female) in 2002 and reached 363,452 (177,812 male and 185,578 female) in 2012 with the annual natural growth rate of 3.0 percent.

Mwanza City New Job Vacancies TANZANIA,2023 MSOMIDAILY

Here below you will get job description and other structure on this PDF Document below here


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