Senior Strategic Results Manager at EGPAF March 2023


Strategic Results Manager –RAS is a self-motivated individual who will provide direct oversight of the Regional Acceleration Strategy (RAS), and has both supervisory and managerial responsibility over all aspects of overall regional project implementation management; including RAS team work planning, execution, monitoring, documentation and reporting. He/she has a regional project representation and relationship management function of our sub-partners, collaborative partners and other IPs and stakeholders in the supported region and districts. Senior Strategic Results Manager at EGPAF March 2023

Reporting to the Director of Strategic Results Management (DSRM), the SRM-RAS leads a strong team, including technical advisors and officers, M&E staff and operations staff, in a collaborative team spirit focused on achievement of project/RAS goals and objectives. He/she provides implementation oversight to maximize efficient budget and other RAS resource utilization, guided by the level of support needed to achieve overall regional, districts facilities project results. The SRM-RAS will ensure the regional C3HP implementation is well planned, coordinated and executed with quality, accountability and measurable impact. 

The SRM-RAS will work in close collaboration with the pool of Technical Advisors based in the country/Dar office, to ensure a well-coordinated flow of technical advisory support to the region, as well as Dar based operations teams to manage grants under contract with regional stakeholders, to ensure RAS work plan implementation is well aligned with budget allocation.   Strategic Results Manager –RAS will work and coordinate with Councils Results Based Management (RBM) Coordinators, CHMTs and RHMT’S to support a sustained response, designed to address the program sustainability. This includes jointly planning for the RAS Strategy, monitoring and evaluation, as well as weekly and monthly Program monitoring and immediate course correction

Senior Strategic Results Manager at EGPAF March 2023

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