Term of reference at New Job Openings WWF March, 2023


The WWF Tanzania Country Office (TCO) has been implementing its Country Strategic Plan (CSP) Il
2021-2025 for the past three years. The CSPll implementations have made substantial investments in
natural resources conservation in Tanzania through strategic partnerships with the communities, the
Government of Tanzania, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), NGOs and the private sector. The Mid-Term.Term of reference at New Job Openings WWF March, 2023

WWF Tanzania through funding from the Blue Action Fund (BAF) is undertaking a five-year project (currently at the midterm) that aims to improve management effectiveness of formal and community based Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) within the Rufiji-Mafia-Kilwa Seascape in order to maintain and/or improve its ecological value and livelihoods benefits.  The project consists of five work packages namely; (i) Improved management effectiveness of Mafia Island Marine Park – MIMP, (ii) Improved management effectiveness of Rufiji Delta Mangrove Forest Reserve, (iii) Strengthening Collaborative Fisheries Management Areas – CFMAs (WP 3), Designation of Man and Biosphere (MAB) Reserve in the Rufiji-Mafia-Kilwa Seascape, (v) Promotion of Microfinance for Livelihood and Enterprise Development for Food security.

The five work packages have been objectively designed to ensure marine protected areas and their associated buffer zones within the seascape are effectively managed to maintain and/or improve ecological value of Rufiji-Mafia-Kilwa Seascape area. Given the size and scope of the project multiple stakeholders are involved including Local government, government agencies, CBOs, NGO partners and consultants; Wetlands International is the project co-implementer focussing on work package (ii), above.

Term of reference at New Job Openings WWF March, 2023

Here Below is the PDF Document contains jobs descriptions and ways on how to apply for these opportunities advertised here daily so you have to read the PDF very well so as you can understand it better


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